Framing Options


For non-valuable artwork; posters, prints and photos, the budget option uses 1.25mm neutral pH cream-core mountboard for the window mount and is hinged using pH neutral tape. The frame is backing using framers grey board.


For fine art originals, limited edition prints, photos and needlework, both the window and backing mountboard is 1.4mm white-core conservation board that is pH neutral and buffered with Calcium Carbonate. The art is hinged to the backing with pH7/70 tape. The frame is sealed using an acid barrier aluminium tape to prevent lignins and acid creep from the raw wood. The frame is backed using ‘Artback’.

Museum Grade

For high monetary or sentimental value artwork, museum grade framing uses solid core museum mountboard for the window and the backing that is pH neutral and buffered. The art is mounted using Japanese mulberry tissue and rice starch to guarantee pH neutrality. The mount is then secured to the glass using aluminium tape to make a sealed unit to prevent acid and lignin creep. The frame is backed using oil-tempered hardboard and sealed with gummed tape.


For all levels of framing, the glass option starts with regular 2mm float glass offering 70% UV absorption, progressing to a ‘Clearview’ water white glass giving 99% UV protection to ‘Tru-vue’ museum glass. All three grades of glass can be supplied with a non-reflective surface.

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